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What is VueDX?

VueDX stands for Vue Developer Experience. It is a set of tools for a better developer experience. Currently, it includes two VS Code extensions and a few aspirational projects.



  • @vuedx/compiler-sfc — a light weight build of @vue/compiler-sfc (only parse() functionality is provided)
  • @vuedx/compiler-tsx — a <template> to representational TSX compiler (generated TSX may not be functional but ensures type consistency)
  • @vuedx/projectconfig — a JSON config file to define Vue project preferences: vueconfig.json
  • @vuedx/template-ast-types — a collection of utility functions to work with <template> AST, think @babel/types but for Vue
  • @vuedx/typecheck — a command line tool to check types, functionally equivalent to tsc --noEmit but includes .vue support
  • @vuedx/typescript-plugin-vue — enables TypeScript language server to understand .vue files
  • @vuedx/vue-language-server — Language server protocol implementation for .vue to supplement @vuedx/typescript-plugin-vue

Aspirational Projects

Released under the MIT License.